The Cannes 2011 Means of Production Aprés-Blog!

Hi folks and welcome to the Cannes 2011 Means of Production Virtual Sales Trip. Your hosts and guides are the stunning Jill Sartore (who provided most of the photos) and the slightly absent David Bouck (who always appears to be thinking and forgot his camera ).

I hope we can convey in pictures and words the tiniest of impressions of what it’s like to attend the Cannes Lions festival (without really attending) and provide pointers on how to conduct serious business in a dignified and professional manner (with other people also mostly not attending).

In our modest way we wish to show our dear friends at home the hardships we at MOP are willing to endure in order to care for your future work and wellbeing and at the same time provide our new friends with a token of our respect and admiration.


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The Bunga Bunga Party just before the booze ran out
Our new friend Tife setting a Guinness World Record for Rosé Transport