Hi folks. Humblest apologies for the delay in getting on the air but I had, uh, technical difficulties. So at long last, and I hope I don’t disappoint, here is the tale of my travels in 2010. Feel free to comment.

The Blog is Back!

As you might expect it started at the Vancouver airport. I was a little worried as my flight left the same day and time as the opening ceremonies for the Olympics but it was fine.

My lovely sister Susan gave me some free passes to the Air Canada Lounge, a Star Alliance member just like my carrier, the great Lufthansa (who, I just heard, might be going on strike tomorrow).

So I took my pass to the Air Canada Lounge and they told me to piss off. So I took a picture of the lady from Air Canada that said that. Here she is. If you see her you know what to do.

I had to PAY for this beer, Air Canada!

Time to go. I love the Olympics! There was no one on the plane and I got two seats to myself. Nice sleep and arrived in Frankfurt almost refreshed. Lovely.