(Not to be overshadowed by a little change in Egypt)

The 2011 MOP Tour!

Hi folks, it’s me again. Watching the celebrations in Cairo. Wow. Great to see a peaceful revolution on such a scale. When will Canada wake up?

But let’s put that where it belongs and get to the stuff history will really remember:

My 6th (!) sales trip to Europe!

(Next stop Egypt! Watch out world!)

OK, things began (as they always do) at Vancouver International Airport. Ready to take off for London and my record breaking 24 day tour of the Old World.

The most exciting news is that I was able to get an upgrade to Business Class!!! So here I am in the Air Canada business lounge drinking free beer (All they had was Coors Light, can you believe it?).

Then things got interesting. They were so nice to me - once they saw my ticket - I can’t believe everyone doesn’t fly Business. But the flight was delayed for four hours because of “mechanical problems”. Does that apply to Business, too, I asked?

You’ll forgive me if I dwell on this a little bit. Here I am getting on the plane first with the exclusive group of “Air Canada Mega-Supreme”, “Air Canada Super-Shiny-Gold-Executive”, “Air Canada Do-You-Know-Anyone-Important”, “Air Canada That’s-A-Nice-Suit”, and “Parents With Children”.

I took some satisfaction when the stewardess told this kid to “get away from Business” class people.

Look! My own menu! I almost fainted. Now I know how director’s feel. And producers. And clients. And anyone in the Agency. And...

The lady in front of me was not very nice. She kept looking over the super special divider every time I giggled with joy about a new button on my seat or shouted for more champagne.

Here’s my seat. I had to take a photo from the manual because I never left it. It turns into a bed! Holy Cow!

And there’s more! Not only do you get your own big, huge, fancy, personal TV screen but they were playing the BMW commercial we shot in May with Hochkantfilm! This is the “Moon Scene” near the end. Cool!

Here is the super-nice stewardess lady probably answering another complaint about me from the cranky lady in front. When they pour you a drink they ask “how much gin do you want in the glass”(!!!!!) Whoa!

My “amuse bouche”. Hope I’m not boring anyone.

Eventually the fun had to end and I pressed the magic button that turned my seat into a bed. Six hours of sleep! Woke up over London (OK, the stewardess poured a bucket of Evian - sparkling - over me). What a rest. All fresh and primed for a day in the country.